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Tech Central is the successor of the BinOC acquired site Mobile Central. We have decided to take the core concepts and goals for Mobile Central and expand them to all of technology and beyond.

The Projects section has all the Binary Outcast projects we are engaged in.


Binary Outcast Projects

BinOC has dissolved its dedicated Software section in favor of a much better section. BinOC Projects! This section will have ALL the projects that Binary Outcast is up to including those that were in the Software section such as PM4XP.

We hope that it will provide a better grouping of what is happening here at BinOC.

Wednesday, January 28th of 2015

Welcome to The (perpetually) New Binary Outcast and Design v25 "Perspective"!

To ring in 2015 we have redesigned Binary Outcast! However unlike previous seemingly arbitrary redesigns, this was in an effort to fix long standing issues in the v24 aka "Focus" template. Additionally, we have updated our wordmark along with our revised color scheme.

There are still a few touches and content filling to do around the "core" part of BinOC so please don't mind the sawdust here and there -OR- the somehow traditional video on the front page. This will, like always, go away when the front page is completed.

Wednesday, December 31st of 2014