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Tech Central is the successor of the BinOC acquired site Mobile Central. We have decided to take the core concepts and goals for Mobile Central and expand them to all of technology and beyond.

Our Community section includes many features that allow for interaction between BinOC and you. We have an Internet Relay Chat network as well as periodic streaming materal from our radio and livestream. We also have twitter and facebook accounts dedicated to Binary Outcast.

The Software section has published products which we create and support directly. As well as, various other projects such as contributing effort, time, and resources to other development ventures outside of Binary Outcast.

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State of the Outcast for July 2014

Well, BinOC sure has been seeing a lot of changes recently hasn't it boys and girls? In some ways the answer to that is no. However, in more important ways the answer is yes!

So here are some status updates for Binary Outcast: Read more…

Posted on: Monday, July 7th, 2014 | By: Matt A. Tobin | Posted in Site Updates | Comments Off

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