The proliferation of Binary Outcast shall commence!

[Not Yet] The Community and Service side of BinOC.. Part BBS part Internet Community Resource. [Not Yet] Programming is science. Prove me wrong, with SCIENCE! [Not Yet] Do I really need a personal website? Maybe. XULvolution in all its forms plus anything Netscape related. How many times will I show screenshots of BinOC from years ago? The answer is: ALL the times.

A leads to B leads to C leads back to A.

The Sidebar

  • Needs more stuffs!

What is Binary Outcast?Last updated: 2024-07-03

Binary Outcast, increasingly shorted to BinOC (pronounced ben-oh-sea), is first and foremost the home of Matt A. Tobin. I have accomplished many things since 2001 and attempted many others with varying levels of success. Sometimes others may pitch in. Today, the whole thing stands once again as a multi-faceted and expanding .. uhh thing. From my self, through any that come along to help, to your screen. This is BinOC. Stay tuned!