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"What are you doing?", "What am I doing?", "Thwarting my plans?", "Thwarting your plans?", "Are you?"2024-06-10

Sounds like the last decade or so doesn't it. And yet, I still survive and every time I do I superset the HELL out of whatever defeated me previously. Pale Moon? UXP. UXP? Modern Mozilla (which hell 128 is on beta channel better get my stuff going eh?).. Navigator, email? The Web. Shell or DE? nah lol Operating System.

As stated in previous posts and elsewhere.. I am exploring and experimenting with technology and systems I should have been 10 years ago like how I should have been doing the Mozilla stuff proper 10 years before I actually really started. I have so very much catching up to do and .. stuff to Tobinize and expressions to express and opinions to opine about.

Fez Enterprising Linux on Github

An attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct (Community) Enterprise Linux into something more Enterprising. Assuming Project Snowball doesn't rapidly exceed what can be constructed from policy, infrastructure, and some binary shortcuts.

Snowball OS on Github

Project Snowball is an attempt to create, from scratch, a unix-like operating system based on The Linux. While Fez Enterprising Linux is a Linux OS made largely from pre-existing parts with some selected versions it will still be largely a Modern Linux system under its more classical hood.

This project seeks to explore potental outside of the GNU/Linux or Modern/Linux constraints. Favoring more Unix-like behavior except where WINNT-like behavior makes more sense (like the GUI Management Tools). This is why it is NOT directly calling its self Linux. As it is considering standards as a fallback favoring something else if it works better within the scope of usage it is intended for.

General Desktop Components on Github

Selected GTK3 Gnome Programs and other general desktop components.

Mark III eXperimental Platform on Github

Current-day Mozilla tree modified to be more open for multiple applications and non-browser purposes.

"M3 WebRunner" on Github

This is a topic for a dedicated post. Just for now think, XULRunner with a UI and Mozilla Prism that works well. Of course Modern Mozilla has very little technically XUL left so it isn't literally XULRunner or Prism again.

So as you can see I have a LOT of big plans.. Who will attempt or dare I say succeed in thwarting me this time? Doesn't matter because as the New Tobin Penguin always says..
"I am Tobin. Nothing can stop this bui--"

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make clean && ./configure && make

Shh.. I am also doing the SeaMonkey Add-ons Site Software, don't tell Moonchild.

Follow up to the different-last post.2024-05-29

With the reflections of the previous post and everything I have written since I decided to stop formal development and releases of BinOC XUL software. Indeed, everything I previously wrote all the way back to early 2022. My decision to continue, the cost of it now and then.. I just don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to write software for Windows, I don't want to do XUL programs anymore or cater to legacy systems and software. I want to make new stuff LIKE if not a damn good clone or truely advanced fork to what I find familar and useful. I want that from the operating system down to the webpage and back up. Conceptual legacy not technical legacy. The lessons not the original doodads. That is the ticket.

To that end, I am abandoning the Retired XUL Platform (which was supposed to be a casual hobby that satisfied people). There just is no combo of factors that would permit a reality where I can have a xul platform AND it be successful or not subject to the very things UXP was created to avoid. I am leaving that to my established successors and the SeaMonkey project for which I continue to owe a lot to and will help from time to time. XUL as far as I am conserned is simply .. over .. and acting as if it isn't or trying to invent a new way to do it as-is hasn't done more than waste time. My initial gut feeling was the correct one and I am a fool for ignoring it.

So to recap. There is no BinOC XUL and there never will be again. I do however wish to do the Mark III eXperimental Platform and my Linux offerings, Fez Enterprising Linux and the LFS-based Project Snowball. Inital stuff for them is all over the BinOC Github org so I'd check it out from the menu at the top of the page.

Face it, the future is Linux and BinOC/Linux IS the future, at least here. Stay tuned!

Why am I still dealing with Pale Moon drama?2024-05-24

This is not the original content of the post with this title.

This is the wrong question. The correct question is: Why am I still bothering with this technology if the cost is so high? To be honest, I don't know. It isn't that I need it specifically cause I haven't hardly used any of my software in a year and a half. Do I still feel an obligation to the Pale Moon community, a community that has always had a sizeable portion who never wanted me there in the first place? Yeah, that is part of it. But I think it is just that it is exceedingly difficult for me to give up on one of the most important endevors I ever embarked on. All starting with a low frame windchime with an M on it later becoming the more widely reconized N with a meteor shower.

Pale Moon and UXP were the most productive bit thus far (and most costly) of what started when I was a kid using Windows 3.1. However, Pale Moon or the Unified XUL Platform are NOT the end all and be all of the Netscape journey that survives the browser it was based on and transcends its own station from OS down through the web page with few points not applicable in-between. The tech or the concept behind the tech? Which is more important. I'd say both but both aren't always possible. So I would favor continuing the concept of the technology if I couldn't otherwise materally have said technology. This is what will drive the Mark III eXPerimental Platform. As for the Retired XUL Platform, I will get it in DIY-release shape soon-ish and see about writing more clear build instructions as a few personal builders have gotten a bit confused. Just means I need to do a better job but soon-ish.

Stay tuned for "The Road to Linux". Spoiler, it's bumpy.

-Tobin (or some reasonable facsimile there of)

Clairfing what the word Retirement means in the Retired XUL Platform.2024-04-16

The BinOC Retirement and DIY Release Initiative is designed to allow Borealis and Interlink a chance to remain useful and available for those whom depend on or want to build on for the future. There is no warrenty, no expectation, no release engineering, and no strings. I am happy to facilitate others and do some occasional tinkering and of course research as well as some of them there, what do you call them? Opinions. I still have a few.

That being said, I believe our future lies in going beyond XUL (but I won't trash the technology like others, it is the standard I hold modern stuff to). Indeed, beyond the Browser, web clients should get back to their hypertext document Navigator duties and likewise Mozilla SHOULD be an application framework and platform. So that is why I started the Mark III eXperimental Platform (Example App Project). To open Mozilla proper back up to the masses with primary mission to be rendered obsolete because it has achieved that goal.

I am very excited for what could be unlocked with the modern tech directed back to classical application purposes specifically but also to see if I can do it and even get patches upstreamed into mozilla-central.

In any event, it occured to me.. php IS a static site generator. Time to make this easier... I'll be back soon.

-Former Coordinator Tobin

Announcing the Retired XUL Platform!2024-04-14

Binary Outcast has taken the next step in XUL development with an innovative new twist: DIY Releases! Seriously though, I have adapted the Unified XUL Platform to support the now retired BinOC XUL Apps in a way that should minimize any collisions with their development and the applications them selves while allowing a simple monorepo.

Borealis Navigator should be 100% operational (compared to its last active state, it is still unfinished though) on Windows and Linux as should Interlink on Windows. Linux may need some additional adjustment. The repository is on the BinOC/Code Github org.. uhhh here! All the details are on the top level readme file!

-Mattcast_Webmstr Matt A. Tobin

Concerning Interlink Mail & News...2024-04-01 (GREAT TIMING!)

I have decided not to continue or reboot Interlink in any form. There are many reasons for this, one being: There really isn't anything I can offer at this point to enhance the traditional e-mail client experience anymore than I have as well as the challenges of running an isolated project with diminishing capabilities due to outside factors. The second major one is that the e-mail client was built and designed, albeit with my vision but tailored for, Pale Moon users and consumers of the Unified XUL Platform. The biggest deficiency in the design and administration of the Meta-project is that if you are outside the "unity" it feels much more like being downstream from Mozilla in 2016 in all the worst ways and yes that can be mostly traced back to me. Mostly. Those users are or could be served by another project firmly aligned to what they are after, within the unity.

Does that mean the code is dead? Nah, it is only mostly dead. I do intend, when I have time I will fix up the comm-uxp code for others to continue in part or in full. Borealis included.

For those who were Interlink users regardless of the complimentary aspects of unified project goals with Pale Moon or other UXP projects I know this is a disappointment and it feels like I strung you guys along and unintentionally, yeah I kinda did and I am sorry for that. If you want my recommendations on a replacement client they are: Thunderbird, Betterbird, and Athenian200's Epyrus client. For Thunderbird and Betterbird Profile Migration, follow the ESR releases one after another. That has had reports of success. Epyrus should be as simple as clearing any incompatible add-ons and copying the profile over. Remembering to verify in Account Settings the absolute path for each has been updated.

You may now be asking, well what ARE you gonna be doing aside from having more than one website with or without content? GOOD QUESTION! Well, I have been immersing my self into the Linux. To the point of experimenting with Redhat technology in the form of anaconda kickstarts and on the flip side I have successfully completed, once, the Linux from Scratch book with a successful first boot. Making operating systems.. That's a step up.. HOWEVER, I am still stuck with the same problems I had in 2014, or rather the conclusion. Chrome won. Or did it? I am not convinced despite appearances otherwise. Now where can someone like my self with my experience have the technology to support taking a looksee if Chrome actually won the browser war? The Mozillasphere.

Mozilla? Yes Mozilla. This is after all their fault. If you ignore, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, W3C, Brave, Opera, your friend from 3rd grade (maybe). The point is, I have done a few months of research and study into Modern Mozilla. And there is potential there. The problem is, with work one can recapture the kinds of capabilites and features of a Mozilla platform with Mozilla as a Platform codebase BUT it won't be identical and may be conceptually tweaked for modern concerns. Creating challenges in traditional workflows and applications. But doesn't that just sound like fun to explore and even making some "impossible" accomplishments with? So that is what I am gonna do. How? More on that as I .. come up with it and makes sure it mostly works first. BTW, no I am not doing a Firefox fork.

So that is what BinOC is gonna be doing. Linux, Mozilla, and Web. It is gonna be a blast so stick around!