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The latest in over-all BinOC/Operations!

There is only SeaMonkey.2024-07-03

As some may have noticed, last month I stopped posting updates and thereisonlyxul.org started redirecting to The SeaMonkey Project. This is after a final crossing-the-line piece of lunar drama. The kind that just obliterates any remaining good will or loyalty to anyone involved. Suffice it to say if the New Tobin Paradigm survives in any form.. It is clearly now rebranded as The Pale Moon Paradigm and I.. want no part of it. Indeed, let's just play that Linkin Park song and move on, quickly. Quickly, I said. We must move faster!

As previously indicated, I have started contributing to SeaMonkey to help them out. I am also working on a new piece of web software in the form of an Add-ons Site for the SeaMonkey Project. Called Project Neptune. It will be superior to Project Phoebus, however, the deal is different than when we pioneered non-mozilla-produced Add-ons Site software for the Pale Moon project. I am only doing the software. They will host it on their own independant infrastructure. Aside from the fact that BinOC/Infrastucre comprises approx sixteen acers of broken glass (for the moment), this will help ensure quality of development and hosting of the service is held to the highest standard. This also avoids lunar-related issues from re-occuring which I will not tollerate and keeps the project open to anyone who wants to use it, unlike Phoebus.

Aside from that, Fez is more back-burner as Snowball as a from scratch distro just makes more and more sense to focus on. I am cooking something up even bigger for the Linuxsphere anyway so look for that eventually.

However, with this new SM-related workload into the rotation I am gonna have to scale back some ambitions with the Mark III eXperimental Platform.. In that, I am gonna do patches and the webrunner but the more advanced edits will be put off for a time. The rest is in flux but deff still on the agenda.

Until next time.