Borealis Navigator

The truly anachronistic web browser

About Borealis

Borealis Navigator is planned to be a free web client based on open source community code. It will be available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems planned). The Navigator focuses on having a feature rich advanced user interface that is not oversimplified, while offering full customization.


  • Built with Power Users in mind
  • Standards focused Goanna rendering engine with superior gradients and fonts
  • Classical advanced client UI with function inclusive main menu bar
  • Customizable interface
  • Tabbed or Window based browsing
  • Private Browsing
  • OpenSearch engine support
  • Real honest to god status bar with a customization target
  • Advanced preferences UI for more control
  • Download Manager
  • Bookmarks Manager
  • History Manager
  • Password Manager
  • Cookie Manager
  • Javascript Scratchpad
  • Javascript Error Console
  • Granular site permissions control
  • XUL Overlay and Bootstrap style extension support
  • Full theming Support
  • and much more…

What will NOT be included

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) such as Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
  • WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications)
  • WebExtensions aka Google Chrome Content and Service Extensions
  • Jetpack (Add-ons SDK) Style Extensions
  • Built in Mozilla style (read: Google Chrome style) Web Developer Tools
  • Service based integration
  • Sync (This may come back using Pale Moon's Sync Server in the future)


Where can I get it?

Right here when it is ready for a "0.9" release.

When will this "0.9" release be ready?

When it is done.

Was this orginally based on Firefox like some other browsers?

No, it is not Phoenix-based. The Navigator is based on the browser component of the Mozilla/SeaMonkey Suite so its lineage is closer to Netscape than Firefox.

Aren't there enough browsers built on the Unified XUL Platform already?


I have seen something very similar built and released for Windows XP, is that Borealis?

No BinOC Project targets XP. What you have there is something released by a third party based on modified unfinished code that is not representative of this project.
We ask you to not come to us with support questions or comments for or about third party builds.