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About ABPrime

ABPrime is a fork of the ill fated Adblock Latitude version 3.5. While ABL has returned to its Bootstrapped style codebase in version 4.0, the work that went into ABL 3.5 makes up the foundation of ABPrime, a Binary Outcast project.

As with all members of the Adblock Family (starting with the original predecessor of Adblock Plus now lost to time) this ad blocking extension, as a fork, will conflict with the likes of Adblock Plus, Adblock Edge, and Adblock Latitude. However, in the case of ABP and ABL it does share the same store of filter settings so if you edit your filter preferences in one it will change them in the others. This does allow ABPrime to act as a drop in replacement for those other members (except Adblock Edge as it renamed it's filter storage file). You should never run more than one of these family members at any given time.

ABPrime being a normal Toolkit/Overlay extensions means that unlike many Bootstrapped extensions it will load everything, including the filters, at application startup. This will have the cost of increased startup time depending on your selected filter lists. Though, this has the added benefit of ensuring that blocking is complete ready to go and active before the initial window spawns or any pages are loaded.

ABPrime is not currently available but will return.

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