About Binary Outcast

The story behind BinOC

Binary Outcast is a multifaceted website that dates back to 2001. Today it is largely involved in open source software development but that wasn't always true.


2001 to 2010

Binary Outcast was created to serve as the name of the personal site of its creator, Matt A. Tobin. Through out this time it was little more than a succession of redesigns with very little content of worth. In 2009 BinOC split off personal content from its self back to mattatobin.com and as a consequence became even more empty.

2011 to 2014

BinOC squired and merged the Mobile Central blog into Binary Outcast. Of which eventually became Tech Central and a succession of Tech and Mobile news and reviews being the main feature of Binary Outcast. However, this feature and indeed Binary Outcast was not fated to continue in this form after Tobin joined the Pale Moon project.

2015 to November 2018

Binary Outcast was effectively abandoned and quite dead during this time period with all focus on the Pale Moon project and later helping to create the Unified XUL Platform.

December 2018 to May 2021

BinOC was reborn as primarily a site involved in open source projects starting with Interlink Mail & News. Since then several projects have been added and are in various stages of production.

We also re-established an IRC channel on the Freenode IRC Network to build a small but dedicated community of people enthusiastic about the technology and projects we work on.

May 2021 to Today

Given the collapse of Freenode into the Freenode Autonomous Zone and LiberaIRC, Binary Outcast has revived it's IRC Server. By the end of July the Pale Moon Project moved it's recently revived official channel from the Libera horror show to our IRC server and around the same time the server started to accept secure connections on port 6697 for all to enjoy!


There are some things being planned for Binary Outcast that may or may not come to pass.

One of which is to revive Tech Central and start writing about technology again. Another is a podcast. Of course, we have a history of grand ideas and haven't always been able to make good on them but who knows.

BinOC Personnel

Matt A. Tobin

Also known as the New Tobin Paradigm, he is Commanding Officer (read: Creator and Owner) of Binary Outcast. What is there to say about him except that he is Tobin and no one can stop him.

Neal Gompa

Also known as Conan Kudo, he owned the Mobile Central site mentioned above and oversaw its merger into BinOC. Today he is only vaguely involved in Binary Outcast unless he is more involved.

Notable people

Those from the past who still hang around as well as those currently involved albeit largely on the IRC channel.

  • Gandalfdjh
  • khronosschoty
  • CandyAngel

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