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UPDATE-- Shit happens, we're running behind. Also, I am saying this bluntly to help motivate us to do more things to purge this update from the front page as soon as possible ;)

November 15th

Significant work has been achieved in collecting advancements from other community efforts and that is nearing first stage completion.

Ports from UXP has to be done in two stages. First stage is everything up until very recently which a lot has already been done then the second stage is to add the vs2022 build system support and do the few bits that absolutely now require 2022 but that won't be a blocker for at least ONE more release this year.

To the users who are more familiar with events this year I have to say that at least in the short term it is far less stressful to simply take in stuff from elsewhere and otherwise be free to serve as I have always intended. The problem in the longer term is that other projects, one specifically, may go too far off the rails to be of use to anyone including us. But I guess that just has to be the way it has to be at least for now. This is why going forward it is paramount that the Aura Runtime Environment be expanded and demonstrated for what it truly is beyond a browser or an email client. By doing so it can be assured that the technology will not fade away and if sanity ever returns to the web client space then it will be far better to have something else OTHER than whatever state Chrome is in by the end of this dark tunnel.

So yes, while it is quite true that the non-global corp browser tech communities have completely lost for now and have no current prospects for continued survival aside from persistence and force of will or apathetic habit.. That doesn't mean all is lost or pointless or even that we should all stop now. Take our baseball and go home. No, we will bring Borealis to market and at the very least.. BinOC will continue to work on it or any browser still accepting the old web.

That means our focus isn't so much on the criticality of any one particular product even our own but on continuing and advancing the sophistication and spread of the technology for today and when it will be needed tomorrow. Not that our stuff specifically isn't awesome.. it is just that blind and selfish focus on only what benefits us and a couple of buddies simply isn't good enough in my view. Sure, if needed, take care of your self first, hopefully for the reason of enabling you to take care of others.

Stay tuned.

November 6th

I am going to be maintaining these post-like updates until I can do actual update posts in the new site software. In the meantime, AND some percussive maintenance on the Interlink Add-ons Site, I was able to retrofit the new BinOC site design to my badly aging "greatest creation" that powers the Add-ons Site. What's left of Project Phoebus anyway. Still, I was glad to get it done ahead of the main site and to gauge reactions with living content in it.

You may want to ask "When are there going to be regular releases again?" This question has been coming up more and more as we once again ramp up to accomplish the impossible on a semi-daily basis. So you will have a release perhaps two of Interlink before the year is out. I am running a little behind in my non-specific plan to do the everything and more that is substituting for an actual roadmap at the moment. This is kind of the reason I wanted to put something out there as we do not have much in the way of public spaces outside our tiny but nevertheless existing sphere of influence.

Regardless, I look forward to continuing to serve, provide, and create for every BinOC user past, present, and future and to do so far more effectively and efficiently than 2022 would indicate.

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Additionally, you may be interested in our brand new gogs-based git code forge at code.binaryoutcast.com. A companion service is our crazy hacked up source code Cross-Reference!

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