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sumozi-finalVersion 24.7.2
Download for Windows: 32 bit | 64 bit

What is Sumozi?

Pale Moon “Sumozi” is a 3rd Party Contributed build of the popular “Firefox alternative” browser Pale Moon by Moonchild Productions.

Why is Binary Outcast building its own version of Pale Moon?

We at BinOC enthusiastically support the Pale Moon project and highly recommend the browser’s use. However, there are a few features that have been disabled at build time and thus not included in the main-line binaries of Pale Moon. This has been a point of contention from some of the more die-hard Mozilla supporters.

While building a Mozilla-based project from source is relatively straight forward not everyone has the time or resources to do this. So we are contributing these builds so that in the rare case that a user may be looking to switch to Pale Moon and needs these features they have the option to use this variant.

What are the differences between “Sumozi” and the main-line build of Pale Moon and how do I know if I should use this variant?

As mentioned above and on the Pale Moon website, the normal browser disables many rarely used features by default and at build time. However, if you require some or all of them then “Sumozi” may be a good fit for your needs.

The features we have re-enabled at build time are as follows:

  • Accessibility features
  • Parental controls
  • WebRTC
  • Integrated PDF reader
  • SocialAPI

Will “Sumozi” impact my normal Pale Moon installation and profile?

Simple answer: Yes, by default the installer is configured to install to the same location and the program will use the same profile data as the normal build of Pale Moon from Moonchild Productions.

Complex answer: Sort of, during installation you can choose to install “Sumozi” to a different directory and by using the profile manager you can create an alternate profile for use in the browser. The impact, if any, will be minimal but there could be some.

Is “Sumozi” approved by Moonchild Productions as still broadly following the Pale Moon “core mission statement”?

Yes. We are very lucky to have regular contact with the creator and lead developer of Pale Moon and to be officially approved as a 3rd Party Contributed Build.

What operating systems and architectures does the “Sumozi” version run on?

  • 32 bit (x86) – Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8x (including 8.1)
  • 64 bit (x64) – Windows Vista, 7, 8x (including 8.1)

“Sumozi” binaries are distributed with Pale Moon branding according to the terms for redistribution and 3rd Party Contributed builds.

“Sumozi” source code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Pale Moon, Moonchild Productions, and any other related names and logos for the browser, product, or service are the intellectual property of M. C. Straver.

Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, and Mozilla are registered trademarks of the Mozilla Corporation.