Interlink Mail & News

Interlink is a Mail, RSS, and Newsgroups client based on Mozilla-sourced Community Code and built on the Unified XUL Platform

System Requirements

  • All Systems
    • At least 1GB of ram
    • At least 200mb of free (uncompressed) disk space
  • Windows Systems
    • Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 or newer
    • 32bit build: x86 CPU with SSE2 instruction support
    • 64bit build: x86-64 CPU with AVX instruction support
  • Linux Systems
    • Reasonably modern 64bit Linux Distribution (32bit is NOT and will never be supported)
    • x86-64 CPU with SSE2 instruction support
    • GTK2 2.24 or GTK3 3.22+
    • GLib 2.22 or higher
    • Pango 1.14 or higher
    • libstdc++ 4.6.1 or higher


Windows Systems

32bit Installer
Version: 7125 - SHA-256 checksum: 60bbb6095a9b73e55cd098797dd310950f030594b15951ae99ca840128f87057
32bit ZIP Archive
Version: 7125 - SHA-256 checksum: 82e1559bcbc97ab76113327833eaed15a06622c1efb69f9bf45409f349dc9dd1

64bit Installer
Version: 7125 - SHA-256 checksum: c20614206ab1e82a1357a3700977ef910aa1eca0332bde0e7ab8d77e74a4ea22
64bit ZIP Archive
Version: 7125 - SHA-256 checksum: 256fa0adf8f9d8b04947d42b887b81c2aa5c6ea64e9708e2c40478622261f301

Linux Systems

64bit BZip Compressed TAR Archive (GTK2)
Version: 7125 - SHA-256 checksum: a6535e1349e224ce729ba05bcc4ef99bfa8ed07055b2220e3147ec7e9e9f5c6f

64bit BZip Compressed TAR Archive (GTK3)
Version: 7125 - SHA-256 checksum: 2308cdc79fbc00ab1550b699c6843115d849d8851a09b3485525b4b5f759a88f

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the next release?
    • When it is done.
  • How do I install on Linux?
    • Extract the linux tarball to a user writable location or chmod 777 in the desired location in order for the internal updater to be able to write to the "install location" when updating. Other than that it doesn't particularly matter where it is on the system. Though, one should not be relocating it on a regular basis.
      THIS IS NOT A PORTABLE INSTALL! The application data such as the profile will be stored in the current user's home directory.
  • Will there be a portable version?
    • No, not at this time.
  • Does Interlink support Lightning (Calendar extension)?
    • By popular demand it does now as of Version 7025.
  • The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000001d). Click OK to close the application.
    • As documented above, 64bit Windows builds require you to have the AVX instruction set. If you are getting that error then it means you don't and will have to use the 32bit build.
  • Does Interlink support Windows XP because there are XP builds elsehere?
    • No Binary Outcast (and by extension Unified XUL Platform) Project supports Windows XP.

      The builds you MAY find elsewhere are unofficial and modified (poorly) to run on Windows XP without care to over all platform stability or security of your system. Make no mistake, these builds by third parties are not supported nor are representative of this or any other BinOC project.

      Binary Outcast cannot be held responsible for support of these builds nor the likely case of failure or compromise of those systems by running software that was not created, compiled, or distributed by BinOC or its approved agents.
  • My question/issue isn't listed here. Where can I ask/report it?
    • You may ask your question or report your issue via the Issue Tracker on the GitHub repository or via our IRC channel which you can find in the Interact section.

Release Notes

Version 7125

  • Fix security issues in libical and generally update the library
  • Special Note: UXP is now using a custom version of the nss library and as such has improved the security of the master password. If you use a master password, please go through the process to change it (even if it is to the same password) to re-key your password store. For more information see the Pale Moon 28.6.0 release notes.
  • Related Unified XUL Platform changes are documented in the Pale Moon (and 28.6.0) release notes

Version 7094

  • Reset layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to follow platform default
  • Related Unified XUL Platform changes are documented in the Pale Moon 28.5.2 (and 28.5.1) release notes

Version 7070

  • Added workaround to race condition for requesting Master Password on startup. This behavior can be disabled by setting signon.startup.prompt to false.
  • Related Unified XUL Platform changes are documented in the Pale Moon 28.5.0 release notes

Version 7025

  • Now includes the Calendar/Lightning functionality via a disabled by default bundled extension
    • This is provided by popular demand, however, support will be limited to best effort in the absence additional community contributions
    • The Calendar is NOT subject to the orginal agreement between BinOC and those who initally funded the Interlink Project Development
  • Added mailnews.header.toolbar preference to show the legacy mail header in-line toolbar
  • Added common EULA box with license agreement
  • Related Unified XUL Platform changes are documented in the Pale Moon 28.4.1 release notes

Version 6990

  • Hooked up the Add-ons Manager to the Interlink Add-ons Site
  • Introduced the ablity to add and remove custom search engine plugins from Preferences
  • Introduced the ablity to check for updates from a menu item in the Help menu
  • Removed the ablity to check for updates from the About dialog
  • Improved proxy handling to avoid localhost getting proxied [SECURITY - CVE-2018-18506]
  • Minor UI changes
  • Related Unified XUL Platform changes are documented in the Pale Moon 28.4.0 release notes

Version 6953

  • Fixed about:support for unaccounted string changes
  • Related Unified XUL Platform changes are documented in the Pale Moon 28.3.0 release notes

Version 6922

  • Change minimum compatible by default preference to 1.0
  • Removed certificate blacklisting via the blocklist
    • It is not the job of Binary Outcast to be a Certificate Authority
  • Added a regex blocklist entry for language packs by Thunderbird and FossaMail to facilitate manual profile migration
    • Instructions and a tool for Windows users to automate the process will be forthcoming
  • Added one time UI upgrade code to manually disable all installed language packs
  • Set the blocklist update preference
    • The BinOC Site side of this will be added soon
  • No Unified XUL Platform changes

Version 6914

  • First Release of Interlink.

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