Interlink Mail & News

Interlink is a Mail, RSS, and Newsgroups client based on Mozilla-sourced Community Code and built on the Unified XUL Platform

System Requirements

  • All Systems
    • At least 1GB of ram
    • At least 200mb of free (uncompressed) disk space
  • Windows Systems
    • Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 or newer
    • 32bit build: x86 CPU with SSE2 instruction support
    • 64bit build: x86-64 CPU with AVX instruction support
  • Linux Systems
    • Reasonably modern 64bit Linux Distribution (32bit is NOT and will never be supported)
    • x86-64 CPU with SSE2 instruction support
    • GTK2 2.24 or GTK3 3.22+
    • GLib 2.22 or higher
    • Pango 1.14 or higher
    • libstdc++ 4.6.1 or higher


Windows Systems

32bit Installer
Version: 6953 - SHA-256 checksum: ccbeff18b3cc7d05de0196ac1ac97bfb3fb79c8a9b93716e921da809b78aac52
32bit ZIP Archive
Version: 6953 - SHA-256 checksum: 5cd6cf90de04287f073d86c5e15bf21e0cff09ef2f45327456d9fb9dc9104747

64bit Installer
Version: 6953 - SHA-256 checksum: d808133c655fed528f68c714377e88060dd8be151a03dd4028dbd618dae1d53a
64bit ZIP Archive
Version: 6953 - SHA-256 checksum: 97333e66cbdeb150b1b243b783bfa97b7b694f6485ecd0e206b406f3f4e1ac35

Linux Systems

64bit BZip Compressed TAR Archive (GTK2)
Version: 6953 - SHA-256 checksum: 3ab21b46df87564cc8de2f53873a162cc6b5a8b3b07a91d39911307ff841a188

64bit BZip Compressed TAR Archive (GTK3)
Version: 6953 - SHA-256 checksum: f6f10369ad2f807228778272f1f8b0f5d7e78c3c6416ff21425cd55309cd79b5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the first/next release?
    • When it is done.
  • Why hasn't the initial unstable build checked and popped up for an update?
    • Because someone didn't check and flip the preference app.update.enabled. You can manually check via Help > About or flip the pref and the next unstable will have this fixed.
  • How do I install on Linux?
    • Extract the linux tarball to a user writable location or chmod 777 in the desired location in order for the internal updater to be able to write to the "install location" when updating. Other than that it doesn't particularly matter where it is on the system. Though, one should not be relocating it on a regular basis.
      THIS IS NOT A PORTABLE INSTALL! The application data such as the profile will be stored in the current user's home directory.
  • Will there be a portable version?
    • No, not at this time.

Release Notes

Version 6953

  • Fixed about:support for unaccounted string changes
  • Unified XUL Platform changes including:
    • Updated the SQLite lib to 3.26.0
    • Updated NSPR to v4.20
    • Updated NSS to 3.41
    • Fixed a potential cycle collector resource leak
    • Fixed out-of-bounds sizes for CSS calculation strings
    • Fixed several potential crashes in JS
    • Fixed several potential crashes in WebCrypto
    • Fixed a potential crash in JS Range Analysis
    • Fixed a potential crash in the layout engine due to combo boxes
    • Fixed a potential overflow in the PNG writer
    • Fixed potential crashes due to shutdown observers in VTT and font lists
    • Blocked Comodo IS dll less than version 6.3 to prevent startup crashes
    • Complete release notes for Pale Moon 28.3.0…

Version 6922

  • Change minimum compatible by default preference to 1.0
  • Removed certificate blacklisting via the blocklist
    • It is not the job of Binary Outcast to be a Certificate Authority
  • Added a regex blocklist entry for language packs by Thunderbird and FossaMail to facilitate manual profile migration
    • Instructions and a tool for Windows users to automate the process will be forthcoming
  • Added one time UI upgrade code to manually disable all installed language packs
  • Set the blocklist update preference
    • The BinOC Site side of this will be added soon
  • No UXP changes

Version 6914

  • First Release of Interlink.

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