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About BinOC

About BinOC

General Infomation

Binary Outcast is a multifaceted website who specializes in mobile device news and information, web and graphic design services, programming, and general technology. BinOC is ever ready to test the waters in any number of areas, such as video productions and how-to guides.

History of Binary Outcast

Binary Outcast was founded in 2001 by Matt A. Tobin

However, its story does not start in 2001. When our commanding officer was starting to create websites in 1996 a site was born called Mattcast. Due to many software product's adding many different words to the ends of their products Mattcast became Mattcast Gold and then Mattcast 2000.

There was an offshoot site of the Mattcast line was Mattcast Flash Site which took advantage of what ended up being a disaster which was a flash enabled site made by a 14 year old kid in Macromedia Flash 4. A successor to this line was called MCFS Network (literally Mattcast Flash Site Network). This also made use of a 100% flash based site and also included some minor content from Tobin's friends.

By 2000 it seemed that flash based sites beyond those who spent thousands of dollars and had fast connections was loosing it's popularity. A new site had to be created to keep up with Tobin's increasing web presence. He was originally going to call the site TechAcid based on how cool it sounded and because it was to be influenced by TechTV. This name was very short lived when influential parties decided the word acid could ONLY be a reference to an illicit substance.

Faced with this choice our illustrious <self important title for Tobin /> decided on the name Binary Outcast (or BinOC for short, pronounced 'ben oh-sea'. because we figured the acronym BO wasn't any good on account that it stinks).

In 2001 the BinOC domain was registered but simply acted as a redirect to mattatobin.com because at this point there was no distinction between Tobin and BinOC.

By 2007, Tobin had decided a split needed to take place so that personal interests and professional content could be differentiated. This split was mostly complete by 2008 when BinOC affiliated with Datalore.tv (an offshoot of Chris Prillio's little streaming group)

The status quo for 2009 and 2010 continued.

Suddenly in 2011, Binary Outcast acquired the start up cell phone news site dubbed Mobile Central. Since then BinOC has started on a path to bring quality content and expand our horizons.

2012 unfortunately was largely in a bit of a lul in progress but in December, BinOC seems to be back on track with a new determination and strategy!

In 2013 it was decided that the New Tobin Paradigm should be re-merged back into Binary Outcast as it's content seemed more relevant to BinOC than it was on a simple blog!

In 2014 it was decided that the then new IT Central section had too much overlap with Mobile Central so it was shut down in favor of evolving our most successful section Mobile Central to the next level becoming Tech Central - More than just Mobile!

What will the future hold for Binary Outcast? You are seeing it as it happens!